viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2012

Walking dead......

Like a string is my road, bouncing from one end to the other trying to avoid from falling and when I did, a small part of me would tear apart. One time I tought I fell and grab to the string with one hand, I did not notice the fall until one of my fingers tear apart and the blood blocked the view from my eyes that I was prettendig to disguise with anything I could find on my surrondings, It hurt everytime, each time hurted a little bit more, there was another time whem part of my eye exploded that happend when for the 100th time I saw I mean for real I saw with my eye and mind not with my partly broken heart, I saw the truth, I saw the light as they say...... my mind was ready but my eye, my poor eye just couldn´t take it some times is not that we are blind is that we do not want to see and when we choose to do so a big part of us just explodes, tears apart, brakes, slides in many many ways, we have a free will that we do not use in a proper way,

Just practice for NINOWRIMO ;)

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